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Lisa Rydin Erickson

Other New Poet Guitar Animation Showings

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'Poet Guitar' has been living a little adventurous life of its own. After being shown this last April at the MSP International Film Festival it was recently shown in Goa, India by Paul Creager founder of Square Lake Film and Music Festival to discuss and further international projects. It looked like a beautiful venue with lanterns and paper decorations. The gallery and screening space was called "6 Assagao".

And soon in the future 'Poet Guitar' will be part of the MSP airports 'See 18 Screening Room. The program will run for up to one year and be seen by thousands of travelers from around the world. I will post when that is all set up. I'm pretty excited to be part of these venues and honored, what fun!

site for See 18 Screening Room at MSP

Thank you so much to Paul Creager (we love this festival and have brought our kids there for years now)

and Alex Wolf of



Kelsey Peterson 'Siren' Therapeutic Skin Rituals

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Siren :  Therapeutic Skin Rituals on etsy

Rising from the ashes after a life-changing spinal cord injury, and finding purpose again through Siren-ritually therapeutic body-care.   Siren      Kelsey Peterson

Hopefully you will sometime meet Kelsey! Her spirit is vibrantly charged with a life force that draws you toward her and also toward your best self.  She's one of those lively ones that makes you say, Dang Girl! So glad I met you, what's going on, what's your secret, what an amazing woman you are! She's a poetic life force and the sagas that she forms are ever around in her travels and also on the bottles of Siren Therapeutic Skin Rituals. I love these names that she uses to title her goods, Island Bay:Salt Water Therapy, Moonlit Lagoon: Therapeutic Soaking Tea Salts, Purple Rain Musk, SeaBorn Organic Body Butter, (um yes a fave!) and Poseidon's Potion Organic Beard Oil.

Kelsey Peterson with Siren Superior Skin 

Kelsey Peterson with Siren Superior Skin 



Kelsey recently won a grant to promote her lush skin care products and get them into your hands in local Twin City Makers venues. Watch for her around town. You can also always find her products on her etsy store above. 

I asked her for a small interview just so you could get a glimpse of this Siren. Read on..

1- I love that so many people are into the Purple Rain musk scent that I have for both my Deodorant Balm and my Cleansing Mist. I also have a special place in my heart for Purple Rain. Especially now. 💜

2- after my injury I needed a new creative outlet and this one just sort of fell into my lap and organically evolved. it's been a true blessing.

3-mother nature inspires me in so many ways... she is so amazing, she blows my mind all the time. I'm always learning and always baffled at how many things she offers. The number of crazy awesome things that come from her and how powerful they are is...miraculous.

Thanks you so much, Lisa!
Big love, Kelsey

Apiary Show-ette ; large indigo in a beautiful small white salon on Grand

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The Apiary Salon, Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota

There are several large indigo stretched pieces in this small wonderful space for the coming months. (prices range 380- to 540-)

Apiary Salon

Mirasol Farms Beauty Products

 Three questions to Laura

What is the favorite thing about your shop that people recognize and make you smile? 

Laura: I love when people say how calm and relaxed the space makes them feel, and how amazing it smells.  

How did you come up with this great idea to open your type of shop?

Laura:  Cori and I started the salon because there wasn't another concept like it in St. Paul. We wanted a place where a client could get a chemical free salon experience surrounded by natural products and natural beauty.  We seek out products that stay true to our value and lifestyle that we are living at home.   It didn't feel right to live an organic natural lifestyle at home and then go into a workspace that was filled with chemicals.  We also wanted to be able to showcase local products and art!

What is it about nature that inspires you?

Laura: The seasons really inspire me. Also the salon is so light filled and that is incredibly inspiring /the sun!! .   Also wildflowers inspire me.